“P2T – Email Server” intent to developing a new generation of Email Server to help Email Service Providers take care of spam problem putting the management responsability on senders server before it can send their contents to receiver servers.

My wow moment came when I realized that the current model protection to solve the problem of e-mail spam was unsuitable and obsolete by “Albert Einstein” sentence that said the following:

“Insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  • 40 years of existence of email.
  • Filtering of spam on 99,9%
  • Great Players on world computer security market.
  • Technology increases exponentially almost every day.

Despite all these gains, the spam continues to reach values that prowl the 60%. And the answer is in the methods used. FILTERS.
(Although some more complex than others, but all work by this method, like: filtering content, of IP reputation, of heuristic methods, white lists, black lists or grey, etc, etc, etc.)

The P2T model has created a new category of protection: “Flow Control by Selection“, so while the filtering methods using reactive models, the P2T uses a preventive model. This, to not back again to run serious risks of the other 40 years of losses and colossal investments that much or almost nothing has worked. And those who have been, are palliative.

The author.