the best way to put spam away


No botnets allowed

full protection against botnets intrusion

Management responsibility on the sender side

email management responsibility changes from the recipient to the sender side

Close to zero threats

social engineering creates the impulse to unlock compromised emails. Getting notifications instead, you'll avoid opening hazardous content

No filtering capabilities needed

new method: flow control by selection

Maximizing performance

clear bandwidth from unsolicited messages

100% is far different from 99,9%

the spam concept vanishes. Users just receive what they want


safety capability that prevents responsibility transfer to other users

No need to hide your email addresses

show your email addresses without fear


When in 1971 Ray Tomlinson developed a software that could be used to send a message between two computers a few people forecast the benefice — of speeding up and making the traffic flow easier — to the world’s progress. And fewer anticipated the humongous costs it generates when misused for less honorable causes.

Over 40 years dealing with spam threats! Despite Bill Gates and other software moguls early announcing its extinction ten years ago, and cyber security companies declaring to 99.9% filtering capabilities, today spam stands for 60% of global email traffic and takes around 80% of the available broadband.

Why the current protection model does not solve the email spam problem?! Because it uses FILTERS (some more complex than others, like filtering content for IP reputation, using heuristic methods, white lists, black lists, grey lists, etc.), and filtering models are reactive models, they’re palliatives, unsuitable, because they go quickly obsolete by the amazing spam and botnet technology that exponentially increases almost every day.

Quoting Albert Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Relying on FILTERING models is insane!

Today P2T — email protector is developing a new model: “Flow Control by Selection”, a new category of protection using a preventive model being effective by acting directly on the spam source.

For the first time in 40 years, there is a real possibility of eliminating all the problems associated with the email misuse with the simplicity never seen before.

P2T — email protector presents the ultimate solution to the SPAM problem.

Now you can prevent all the spam threats and avoid being in the news giving the bad news

  • 96% of phishing attacks are delivered by email.

    2020 phishing statistics by
  • Ransomware damages rise 1500% in 2 years to hit $5 billion in 2017.
    Spam was the top infection vector

    Cybersecurity Ventures
  • FBI (Business Email Compromise) reports the worldwide email account compromise … a $12 billion scam between October 2013 and May 2018, a growth of 136% compared to the previous year.

    FBI 2018 Internet Crime Complaint Center -IC3
  • 76% of ransomware attacks strike via email

    Barracuda survey 2017
  • 58 billion junk emails will be sent every day within the next four years, a figure that will cost businesses some $198 billion annually.

    2017 Spamlaws report
  • Ransomware attacks became more tenacious than ever with an increase of 32% of new ransomware families in 2017 (1027% compared to 2015). Spam was the top infection vector.

    TrendLabs 2017 Security Roundup


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