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Traditional method

P2T method

1.    Permissiveness to computer attacks trough BotNet networks.

1.     BotNet networks incompatible with this format.

2.     Substantial losses in time lost inchoice of really important messages.

2.     Not applicable, motivated by the point nr.6.

3.     Substantial losses in rental companies mail protection.

3.     Local protection.

4.     Concerns in the public disclosure of e-mail address.

4.    Public disclosure of e-mail address without restrictions.

5.     Difficulty in identifying the sender.

5.    The sender always identified.

6.     Get everything that you send.

6.     Get just what you want.

7.     The “cost” is on the side of the receiver.

7.     The “cost” is on the side of the transmitter.

8.      Networks with high bandwidth needs to thwart the 85% of existing electronic garbage.

8.     Maximized performance. There is no bandwidth occupied by unsolicited messages.

9.     Protection for complex filtering method with the disadvantage of appear false-positives or false-negatives.

9.     Accuracy need in it receive by “flow control by selection”.

10.  Maintenance of a complex database.

10.  No need to use the database.

11. The current filtering method is in some cases 99.99%.

11.  Spammers need only 0.005% to succeed in your business. Still there is no space for this success in P2T model presented.