The three most important aspects of the project.

Security, inhibition of losses and “non-repudiation” guarantees are within various needs that this project responds.

Any computer that not have adequate tools to protect themselves from external threats, can easily be controlled by Botnet networks. In this model, and regarding the electronic mail, the sender will not be able to be controlled to involuntary sending messaging because the used methods are incompatible with this format.

Because a message must be authorized for your submission, makes your recipient a less permissive target the reception of any content including addresses and / or dangerous attachments. There will be no significant loss in selecting the messages you want to receive because the sender can not use strategies massification in your submission, without first be penalized for it.

The biggest addition to these previous observations, allows the sender can not hide under anonymity nor can impersonate another sender that is not itself, so you can get information that you want to spread. Although it is possible, is not expected to need to use encryption tools and / or digital signatures to ensure the identification of the sender and to whom he is sent. Then came a persuasive action for use in bad faith.

To whom may concern this project.

The project lies directed in particular to the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and customers / companies who are not satisfied with the current offer or that the need to seek more security not feel the need for third-party solutions . For individuals, prevents the installation of accessory products in controlling spam, benefiting from the security already provided the solution presented here. ISPs may provide the most comprehensive security services with higher quality and at a much lower price.

How is that going to attract people (customers, visitors, etc.) for the project.

The existing numerous alternatives do not satisfy in full the universally required protection to block all variants of attacks in one product. The P2T project proposes a unique solution to eliminate spam and the risk that this poses to the user and make the exchange of e-mail User friendly.

Projects that may have similar value proposals.

The proposals available in the market in terms of products to combat spam, using methods that are already included in P2T architecture and moreover, fills in the gaps left by these alternatives, as will be seen in this table.

How does this project will generate business.

The revenue generated by the project will come from the sale of equipment designed for managing electronic mail P2T (eg mail servers). End-users mailing P2T will have no cost associated with using this service, getting these costs to the ISPs and companies may acquire this solution. Despite adherence to this solution involve an initial investment, there will be a financial return on this investment over the medium and long term, because the solution presented here provides that maintenance costs are clearly lower than those presented by current market offerings also drastically reducing the need to use mail storage spaces for their customers. The project promoter intends to follow a policy of renumbering through royalties, which would correspond to a value (negotiated with the manufacturer) for equipment sold.