39th Anniversary of First Spam Email

Very recently Cisco released its security report that left me apprehensive. In fact, he continues left me every year. There is one element that in this report gains more prominence with respect to the others. Cisco’s director of security marketing for Europe and other markets, James McNab, at a press event said: “The tactics that […]

Is there no way to stop spam?

Is there no way to stop spam? Maria Inês Coelho · 24 Set 2015 – Font – http://pplware.sapo.pt/internet/sera-que-nao-ha-forma-de-acabar-com-o-spam/ For years,  spam  is one of the causes of security problems, productivity loss of time and increased costs associated with companies. But, with such and such advanced technology that we have today, why is it that we are […]

Santa was arrested for distributing spam.

Portuguese children are in shock after the Judicial Police have arrested at dawn  the most famous man in the world.  After several months of investigation, Judicial Police agents raided the residence of the elderly by 4 am. Inside,  hundreds of elves, had prepared, placed in envelopes and packed a considerable amount of spam  that, according […]

Anti-spam P2T Project was established in 4th position (Only PT Lang)

Classificação dos Projectos Finalistas “CriAtividade 2013” Produto Inovador:* 2 Melhores Projectos com presença obrigatória no dia 24 para, perante as questões do júri , competir pelo 1º lugar: Divepod Bicycle Ecology 3º Lugar: Modulos Captação de Energia 4º Lugar Anti-spam P2T Ler mais: http://www.criatividade.info /

What is Scaring Businesses the Most? Spear-phishing. New Websense Security Labs Research

Published Monday, October 08, 2012 8:58 PM by Patrik Runald Spear-phishing is a huge concern for today’s government and enterprises. While high profile attacks like last week’s spear-phishing attack against the White House and last year’s attack against Oak Ridge National Laboratory underscore the risk to government agencies, today’s businesses are also a primary victim. Hackers are […]

Brazil blocks port 25 of email servers in order to reduce spam

País já está em quinto lugar no ranking mundial de nações que possuem maior quantidade desse tipo de lixo eletrônico.Por Ramon de Souza em 24 de Outubro de 2012 Medida visa diminuir a alta incidência de spam no Brasil (Fonte da imagem: Reprodução/Thinkstock) Se você utiliza o Outlook, Thunderbird, Live Mail ou qualquer outro gerenciador de email, fique […]

Spam Mail Falls by 25% in 2 Years

LONDON, October 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — According to Info Marketing Experts.com, spam mail traffic has fallen by just over 25%.  The primary reason appears to be drastic improvements in both technology and filtering systems. Global spam traffic has dropped by just over 25% in the last 2 years.  This fall reported by Symantec showed that the main reason for […]