How react P2T server if target of frequent attack of “Notifications”? The user will be severely penalized with entries for manage that does not actually exist.

R. – Note with some frequency, the concern in believing that the P2T project can not deal properly with the problem of a continuous bombardment of Notifications towards putting down the server.

The Spamer, in protest and in retaliation for having spoiled their intentions to make money unlawfully, attempt to cause embarrassment in P2T servers by bombarding them with “Notifications”. It thus seems that it was an attempt to attack the type “DoS” that are common nowadays.

First we have to know what kind of spammer is this: If connected to an P2T server (unlikely), or connected to other server.

If it is a “P2T user”:
– To send eg 1500 notifications have firsthand that fill your inbox with 1500 messages sent and normally there will be not so much space to abuse the sending of these (unless you pay to increase this space). And secondly a user can never hide under anonymity with another masked address because the system is proof of that, and it can be quickly identified. Note, that is always expected to use the option of a blackist, that this system always runs at 100%

If was a “traditional user”.
– A traditional user both to “Notifications” how to “posts” can never cause this kind of attack because the P2T server is not ready to receive any kind of data from different servers this protection model. A P2T server knows always where they come from packets that are sent to him, if is by a P2T server or a different one. In the latter case, rule out completely the same.

What difference does this project of all others existing?

R. – All existing anti-spam projects is based on a reactive filtration and with action at the end client or on the his server. This project plays a preventive role in the sending server controlled by the receiver, making only what interests you is actually sent over the network until the destination. The bandwidth will be occupied only upon request of the desired message.

I have a plan contracted with a company to clean up the spam that is addressed to me and I have been successful in its action. What will I gain from this new model that the P2T shows?

R. – For now, in first place, the free service.

Being transparent to the end customer will seem that your network is protected. And actually it will. But here are many issues that filters these companies can not respond.

How many false positives ultimately not reach the destination?

What freedom that a machine will give the receiver about what you really want or not receive?

How much space network would be free if the millions of messages do not circulate in the network where you work daily?

Why must you be to be responsible for the garbage sent by others?”.

What prevents spammers from creating P2T addresses, to impersonate credible addresses?

R. – Does not prevent. The use of addresses with this terminology, refers only to identify the user of that address as the holder of a protection system to stakeholders to contact them, will have to do so only through a medium web available or else subscribe to a service that uses services P2T.

Why is a P2T user can still send an email to users with a traditional address if this is a way to fight with this project?

R. – Any user should not and can not be prevented from contacting a user who does not use this means of protection. With this method it is expected that there may be compatibility with older methods.
But the same can not happen unlike.