– The SPAMMERS, lives from mass dissemination of unsolicited messages.

– Currently percentage of email traffic which is 80% where spam is responsible for much of the bandwidth occupation.

– Spam requires high costs in traffic, disk storage, memory and processing time, greatly increasing the costs of ISPs, and / or greatly reducing the performance of the servers. For users, the services will degrade and become more expensive.

Much of spam is sent through ISPs collude with the Spammers (they earn them good money), but the majority of spam is sent via zombie computers (connected to the Internet with security vulnerabilities that allow computers to install ratware for sending spam and viruses). There are many hundreds of thousands of zombie computers connected to the Internet that are used for sending spam and spreading viruses

– Spam is only Spam when it is unsolicited. Under authorization becomes a normal message character.

– The spammer hides almost always under a masked, false and temporary address.

The conspiracy will turn the ISPs who are colluding with the spammer’s does have the idea that the proportion of bandwidth they can offer today to “download” is at the origin of the traffic “upload” the junk mail offers. It is a deal that some have to lose, some others to win. Win the ISPs associated with this slice of crime and lose integrity users and responsible. Makes it seem that it is a crime without punishment and advantageous. It’s the perfect crime.