Webmail Plataform

This platform will be supported by a universal service “cloud” that will only be used by traditional users, which will ensure the needs and communication compatibility with P2T users. Using this service on their part, lacks a pre-registration, in order to maintain your current mailing address, ensuring its validity as useful and true address.

The use by traditional users will be limited to a certain amount of text characters to define without formatting. Attachments can be sent, which can present a maximum size of 5Mb. Seeks with imposed limitations, estimulate the users an incentive to shift to the P2T model. Otherwise, would be released a valid and cost-effective alternative to that he should be worth, not effect change.

The webmail platform designed to be used by traditional user, just gives you a use for sending mail service. The reception could be effected through the prefered mail client, wherein the P2T sender continues to use the same traditional sending methods, that is, when the destination address belongs also a traditional user.

The accommodation space available by the traditional user, will allow the accommodation of messages awaiting consent of the recipient, in the same modes of use that is made between users P2T. The user has to maintain a continuous management, so as to ensure that its available space remains enough, since, due to possible rejected messages, the accommodation capacity becomes compromised in such a manner precluding further hypothesized communicate with users P2T.

A webmail platform between users P2T will depend on the mail server that your ISP / MSP provide it, similar to what currently happens with an ordinary webmail service.